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Database Development

We Mainly specialize in MS SQL Server database. We provide a complete range of database services . Our broad range of database services includes Database designing, Database development & deployment, Database Migration, Performance tuning etc.

We want you to think of JNE Consulting as your best partner for SQL Server database consulting. From designing and architecting new database systems to tuning SQL Server to seamlessly maintaining large production systems, we work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scaleable, high-performing SQL Server systems. for consulting in all your database needs. We render services that are fully personalized and customized for our clients needs.

Send us an email if you feel we are the right team you are looking for.

Web Development

Currently JNE Consulting has teamed up with Sethi Industries to develop an online milestone tracking application for use by everyone from college students to fortune five hundred companies so they can track project milestones from anywhere on the web.

Development has begun for StupidSQL.com. A new website for finding resources and development help with Transact SQL, query optimization, performance tuning, and database design advise.

Telecommunications Wiring

Prior to 1980, only telephone company (`telco') employees were allowed by law to install jacks and phone wiring in ones home. A major change was made when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued wiring Docket 88-57, allowing customers and non-telco installers to connect to a telco's wiring system. That has changed. In most instances now, the telco is no longer involved in telecommunications wiring within a residence. The telco wiring responsibility stops at a point referred to as the "demarcation point." This is a point close to where the telephone line enters the home. From this point, the home owner is responsible for the installation of telecommunications wiring to distribute service within the residence. JNE Consulting has partnered with A.C.E.S to help residential homeowners install and configure a reliable residental telecommunications solution that suits the residential needs.

Start Simple by bringing in JNE Consulting

We will evaluate and tighten database security, establish a release schedule, document and communicate your requirements, define roles and guidelines for the developers, and provide you with a back out plan. JNE Consulting will help you create repeatable processes and improve business flow processes involved around your database schema.

StupidSQL.com launches. Visit the new SQL Server database forum. Be the first to post 100 questions and receive a free StupidSQL.com T-Shirt!!! If you want to purchase a StupidSQL.com just send an email to $40.00 for a polo shirt. Online ordering coming soon!
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